...or atleast more so.

Using Hardware sensors monitor pro 3.211. Nifty piece of software. Thought it wasn't until I checked my bios readings. Yes, it is displaying things properly. My CPU temp varies from 37-49 degrees celsius, even after applying AOS HTC compound, a golden orb cooler, two high output fans, ventilating the case, etc. What the hell? Do I have a damaged thermistor, a sucky orb, poor air flow into the case, or bad karma?!

Help please. Mobo is running at 20-30 degrees celsius depending on usage.

Hardware monitor has a cpu idle function in it which I assumes does the same thing as rain or waterfallpro or cpu idle.

What's worse, it jumps around all the time. If I start up something, it goes to like 55 degrees. I installed the PC Probe util that comes with the Asus p3v4x mobo I have, and it seems a little bit more stable, but still ridiculously high temps. ?

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