Preventing condensation
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Thread: Preventing condensation

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    Preventing condensation

    Hi fellows,
    This is my first post in this board.
    Im senior member on the AMDZone forum and
    this board is kicking asses...

    Im building my first watercooled peltier
    rig and my open question is:

    What are using to prevent condensation ?
    Is there anyone using the hot-wire method ?
    (a wire wrapped around near the SLOT-1/A edge connector, with DC applied, generating some heat and thus preventing the cold to pass to the slot, preventing condesation)

    Alphas ruled...
    Home-made watercooling rulez!
    Alphas ruled...
    Home-made watercooling rulez!

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    I havent heard about anybody doing this... but then again I'm not an expert. I just thought I'd respond to your post since no one else did. I think most other people are just trying to keep air away from the parts, but like I said I'm not sure...
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    seems like quite a bit of work to go through when conformal silicone foam woould do just fine

    just my 2

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    ok read this thread and remember that my setup in pic did not work too well...but read the entire thread for other still working on mine

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