I'm kind of stumped on this one. I recently got a k62-500 and put it in a:

-gigabyte board[ga-5aa, revision 1.3 bios{latest bios}, w/ali aladdin V M1542 & M1543C AGPset]
-96M RAM total
[1-32M by siemens{66mhz}
1-64M by ????{100mhz}

-I had this set-up running fine{w/hd,cdrom,vidcard,etc...ofcourse} with my P200 previously.
-Ok, so i put in k62 at clock-multi x5 & fsb100mhz. Had basic heatsink fancombo found on p200 system. System locked up fast and reset. So i went and got bigger hs/fan from compusa{didnt feel like waitn around}. That gave cpu about 25-30 minutes worth of time before fatal errors, blue screen, and lockup/resets. So went to nother store and got bigger hs/fan, supposedly would cool very well. That seemed to have fixed problem, but after 3hrs of use, Half-life would just die{boot me to desktop} and even just basic websurfing i get explorer crashes{fatal errors}. Also, when i shutdown windows, comp just resets rather than shutdown. Guy at comp store thought i was oc'ing, but i'm at 5x100 w/coreV.@ 2.2V!!!! I was thinkin maybe motherboard doesn't support 5x100 very well or something. well, hope someone can help PLEASE!!!!! for more info, post here or email me please please please!!!!