Athlon L2 spacers
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Thread: Athlon L2 spacers

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    Athlon L2 spacers

    I just cleaned off my Athlon ([email protected] with GFD - STABLE) and discovered that what I thought was 3.6 ns L2cache is actually 4ns!!!! ouch.
    at 700MHz i am running the L2 100MHz over the marked speed, but I would still like to be able get to 750...
    there is a huge gap between the heat transfer plate and my L2 cache - any cheap easy ways to fix this (I don't have much experience or any to internet/radio shack & hardware stores)
    i want to make some kind of spacer to at least give my L2 a little heat relief.

    my processor has a 650 core, and it runs flawlessly at 700 at 1.6v, but no matter what i raise voltage to, it won't do 750 - i have an alpha p7125 so heat isn't a huge problem.

    anywhoo, if anyone has a nice simple way to get the L2 gap filled, please let me know!

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    won't do 750 huh. try a bios update. i had the same problem. now my athy 500 w/650 core runs 800 on cold day or 750 warm day. 1.65V. befor i got new bios update it wouldn't do 750 for more then an hour. so check that. as for the L2 spacers. i dunno if it helps but i use seran wrap. the tinfoil ****. i folded it till it was just right. you might need to make a few to get a goo sized one. works for me. well i think it's helping. and as for the holes in the heat transfer plate i filled those with led. i have a melting pot. it helped me i dunno how to tell ya how to do it though sorry...
    well best of luck to you.
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    I use aluminum foil too (cut and folded).
    Dont use baking foil, as it is often coated and not pure, and also conducts heat a lot worse than AL, but of course, it will be better than air.

    Your spacers do not need to cover the entire chip, if they cover ~50% of the area and are tighly packed it will cool them almost as well and when its completely covered.

    You very, very little goop.

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    // Black Holes are where God divided by zero //

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