is 55 c to much for a 650E @ 806 MHz
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Thread: is 55 c to much for a 650E @ 806 MHz

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    is 55 c to much for a 650E @ 806 MHz

    is this temp normal or to high after 3 hours playing ut !
    thx @ all who helped me to reach this speed ! i can reach a little more but i need new ram (133)

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    Dude ! yes very hot.

    how are you cooling it? Make sure to use at least thermal compound.
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    Your temps are WAY TOO HIGH!!! I have almost the same setup. 550E@825 1.75v.. The highest the temp got at 100% cpu load is l00F around 38C. Are you still using the stock heatsink/fan?

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    Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal!

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    Getting rid of the sticky thermol pad is a good start and replace it with some proper compound. If you've got money to spare an Alpha or globalwin will help.

    My brother max's out at 30c with an alpha 600e@840MHz.
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