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Thread: Hey guys we should all play this

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    Jan 2000
    Hello i have been playig this game for a while. Actually this is really Road Warrior. This is his son but i am using his name. I would like to join your alliance. I have a couple planets that i am allied with so i will give you the galaxies and planets.
    The galaxy 12.20 (whole thing)
    The galaxy 12 24 (whole thing)
    The galaxy 14.26 (whole thing)
    and galaxy 15.11 (only the Couch)Its a planet.

    I will send a message to all of you. K.
    Free advice, and worth every penny.

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    Aug 1999
    New London, CT
    for a little organization, this is the list i have compiled of HWC planetarion players.

    if you want to join the game or the alliance, fill in the missing info, or add other members you know of.

    Utini, Utiniworld (Utini) 3:18:8
    -psyduck-, tooting broadway (Psyduck) 10:40:8
    oi polloi, oi's (pc-punk) 10:41:14
    xriz, liquid cool (Xriz) 11:14:1
    jazlizard, kristalis (jazlizard) 11:14:4
    (Duckman) 12:9:9 <<DESTROYED?>>
    arcaneman, isles of euripides (dragonheart) 20:40:7
    spacemeat, planetmeat (deltree_windows) 20:43:10
    (Road Warrior) ??
    (DEAKON) ??
    (MustardCat) ??
    (NiteOwl) ??
    ruffian, correlias (Ruffian) ??

    ASCII stupid question,
    get a stupid ANSII

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    Nov 1999
    Markham, Ontario, Canada
    I was in the game, but I have been out for a while now ... too busy ... I wonder if my planet's have self destructed yet ... if I were to return one day, I wonder if it would be run by a civilization of Apes ...

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