Doesn't this forum look so good? It's beautiful!

Just wanted to thank all the people who supported this idea... now we can use it to our hearts content.

I forgot to mention... Collinj was the one who actually got this up and running, we should all thank him!

Cheers Collinj

Now for my question, it's about the differrent variables in overclocking with the SoftMenu:

Okay, I have a Pentium II 300 and a Celeron 300A that can be both safely overclocked to 450 MHz with the stock fans and heatsinks... now, I just got my new Asus P3B-F and it has its own version of Abit's SoftMenu. The question I want to ask is:

The CPU speed and the FSB starts at 300 MHz @ 66 MHz FSB and as follows:

300 MHz - 66 FSB
333 MHz - 66 FSB
366 MHz - 66 FSB
400 MHz - 66 FSB
433 MHz - 66 FSB
466 MHz - 66 FSB
350 MHz - 100 FSB
400 MHz - 100 FSB
450 MHz - 100 FSB

Does this mean that I can use all the variables in between 300 MHz - 66 FSB and 450 MHz - 100 FSB?

I want to know the pros and cons to it all... can someone enlighten me?

Thank you!

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