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    Feb 2001
    It took me a week but I am back to 16, Chasing Wookiee and still fighting off Deacon. I do have a plan.

    P.S. Thanks TN I put that celly to work today. Nice

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    Feb 2000
    Crappy Journalism, PUKA
    SETI warning, Yourself:

    I just figured out the algo. for HOST: now I don't have to post any more of DMMD, I just glop them all into one IP.

    I like a cold room, too!

    Stay tuned:


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    Oct 1999
    Tulare, CA, USA
    TN, I passed you a while back, and now it looks like you're standing still (no insult intended). But that's probably because I'm running 2 machines with 3 WU's 24/7.
    Dual cel500@500 128mb(soon to be 256) with 2 WU's
    cel333@333 64mb with 1 WU.
    They average about 14 hours each.

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    Aug 1999
    North Carolina
    I am standing still. Or I would be ahead of you guys (:
    I've been accidentally rebuilding my system since I've screwed it all up.(no boot) Its my own fault. I formatted the wrong drive. Funny how windows assigns drive letters, huh? I had a few beers and decided it would be cool to rearrange the drives. I lost almost everything. The worst part is everything was working fine before I messed it up. 3 1/2 months of a Win2000 evaluation, and NO problems. Keep talking your Linux/Unix crap. Of course its more stable than Windows, there's no software available for Linux/Unix OS's. Hell, If you never load any software onto Windows it'll never crash either. Give me icons to click on. Linux would be OK if you have a server - which nobody does.

    Visit my homepage>>>
    P4 2.8@4.0 dual R134A phase change chillers with 600watt thermoelectric array. Capable of -70F
    Nixie tube numeric display control panel and pneumatic motherboard tray.

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    Oct 1999
    Minneapolis, MN
    Win 98SE screws mine up totaly (when partitioned). Is 2000 any better?

    Linux is gone from my system. It was fun to play with but not much use for what I do. Maybe take 30min off my SETI times but what else are you going to do when SETI is running?

    Another question about 2000. I remember a post about more IRQ's in 2000. Is this true? I do not have any "free" IRQ's now in 98 but I dont have any problems sharing. I had a ***** of a time installing a SCSI card on another system because it required a "free" IRQ.

    Damn, another question. Is a RAID 0 faster than a SCSI 160 with a Cheetah X15. I know very little about SCSI, I only have a Zip SCSI adapter. I dont think that qualifies.
    If it ain't broke, tweak it!!

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