Got home. Checked the OC Network SETI team statistics. Young grasshoppers trying to sneak past me. Set airconditioning to 65. Put some clothes on. Clicked SoftFSB icon. Set FSB to 95MHz(570). Launched 2 seti work units on the command line. Clicked CNTL/ALT/DEL. Task Manager. Clicked seti@home. Clicked priority. Set to realtime. Clicked affinity. Set to cpu#2. Clicked SetiSpy icon. 51 Mflops. Back to Task Manager. Clicked seti@home(2). Set priority to high. Set affinity to cpu#1. Close Task Manager. Clicked setSpy(2). 33 Mflops. Made coffee. Made this post. I'm back. This thing moves real slow. Can't keep up with my typing speed. I type slow. 3D games aren't gonna happen. Barely surfs the net. You guys suck for making me have to do this just to put you in your place.

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