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Thread: P3 - How hot is your CPU ?

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    i use MBM4 to monitor temps it put the temp right next to your clock..tells u current,lowest,highest and avg temps..also monitors your voltage so u can see if your P/S is holding up good if u have stability problems sometime due to voltage..

    u can get it here MBM4_clickhere
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    18-24c when surfing.
    38-41c when gaming.

    No artic,no alpha, just me and my homemade, thermalpad removed,lapped cooler.

    p3 450@600Mhz.
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    Thanks Hardware911

    Motherboard Monitor (MBM4) versus Winbond Hardware Doctor (HWDoctor) in BE6-II

    MBM4 can associate 6 inputs (for Winbond chip they are Winbond 1, 2, 3, P2 thermal diode 1, 2, 3) to 3 software controllers (sensor 1, 2, 3).

    The 6 inputs are presumibly attached to real thermal sensors, but in my case, there are only 3 thermal sensors available, so, the other 3 MBM4 inputs are meaning less.

    The problem is to find what are the good ones and the bad ones and to what phisical objects the inputs came from.

    Again, in my case, I have found that:

    MBM4 Winbond1 is the same as HWDoctor System2 that is the input from the thermal cable connect to TSYS2.
    MBM4 Winbond3 is the same as HWDoctor System1 that is the input from the case temperature (somewhere in the mobo surface I guess).
    MBM4 Winbond2 - P2 thermal diode is the as HWDoctor CPU that is the input that came from the P3 CPU.

    If I use any other MBM4 input I will receive a meaning less input value like 78C or 175C and the alarm will not turn off.

    I also discovered some minor conflict between MBM4 and HWDoctor, for example, with both utilities on, the fan input in HWDoctor is meaning less.

    Also, in my case, the MBM4 help must change the meaning of Winbond 1 to 3.

    So, some digging is necessary to access the correct inputs, but MBM4 is great.

    "MBM4 help about sensors:

    Winbond 1
    If you have 1 of the 3 Winbond chips (W83781D, W83782D or W83783S) then this will show you (most of the time) the case temperature.

    Winbond 3
    If you have 1 of the 3 Winbond chips (W83781D, W83782D or W83783S) and you have a sensor attached to this connection then it will show that temperature. Some motherboard comes with a sensor attached, some don't.

    Winbond 2 P2 thermal diode
    If you have 1 of the 3 Winbond chips (W83781D, W83782D or W83783S) and your P2/P3 chips has a therminal diode and your motherboard supports this and the diode is connected to this sensor of your chip then this will show you the CPU temperature"

    Thanks for sharing
    XT2800@190, 2x512@sync, ASUS A7N8X-E, 9800Pro

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