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    Mushkin Special

    I know, it's looking like spam, but I've been here long enough - I'm not one to do that off-hand

    More of an FYI on a hot deal...

    I was looking for some good pc133 (that would hit 150 range) and it's not cheap Mushkin just ran a special - 2 - 128M High Perf. pc133 (runs Cas2 at 133 and up) for $338.

    I just ordered some myself and they said the special is running until the batch runs out - a couple days at most...

    Thought people might be interested
    I call it "No-Pants Wonderday," but it turns out the police just call it "Thursday." Go figure.

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    we trust you.

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    Splatt, look again, you might want to cancel your order. I saw a 256MB stick of PC133 for $288 on their site! I just bought a 256 stick of PC133 5ns from them and I'm thinking of getting another stick at that price!

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