Hi all, Iím pretty new to the overclocking scene but I guess itís never too late to start. Iíve read most of the posts over the last 3 weeks or so and feel relatively confident to start, I was just wondering if someone could give me some pointers.

Iíve got a PIII Ė600 512k(not cumine), an FIC KA-6110 mobo (with settings of up to 140Mhz fsb), 128meg pc100 RAM, matrox millennium g400max, sblive, and I just ordered a Global Win VOS32 to cool it down.
Iím running it at 110 FSB at the moment with no cooling (660 Mhz) and it seems stable (well as stable as windows 98 is!!!)
How high can I realistically crank the chip when the new cooler arrives?

Thanks for any input!