Overclocking the 840 and RMDRAM
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Thread: Overclocking the 840 and RMDRAM

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    Overclocking the 840 and RMDRAM

    Just put the fans in the case. Had to change plans from the FK-320 'cause it does NOT support the WTX MoBo. Got a AddanTech 8500. The Atlas 10k, 160 is in. Little else to report at this time, hope to have first SETI times with the Air Cooled system this weekend. Man, what I have learned about the GodDamned "early embracer" PC market. I feel like starting a whole BB just to try to minimize the risk that anyone would go thru what I have.

    Pelts coming tomorrow!

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    keep us posted, man. You are trail blazer ... BTW, I hate the basketball team cuz they have Daemon Staudermayer (can't spell his name anymore) now and we (in Toronto) basically got nothing back for him (Dee Brown???? And he is injured too). Man, if we still had Daemon, plus Vince Carter in the front court, with Doug Christie or Del currie as 2 guard ... man ... damn ... oh well, at least we beat the Blazers last night in Portland.

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    I wish I had the guts to abuse our servers and expensive hardware -
    Check the SETI board for how fast you can crunch WUs when you have an array of servers standing idle...
    SETI on AIX

    Nothing beats 64-bit copper CPUs...

    // Black Holes are where God divided by zero //
    // Black Holes are where God divided by zero //

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