Guess what I finally got...
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Thread: Guess what I finally got...

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    Dec 1999
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    Guess what I finally got...

    my PLEXTOR 12/4/32.. WAHOO!!!! Its sweet.. very FAST!

    I know this isn't an OC thing - but I remember Toolbox seemed like he wanted one, and since he frequents here, I wanted to make sure he saw it..


    * Repeatedly clicking the same link won't make it work*

    *Moving your mouse pointer around in circles won't make the page load any faster*
    PIII 1Ghz
    Trinity 400
    768MB PC133
    Annihilator Ultra2
    SBLive! 5.1 Platinum
    Adaptec 29160
    ATI TV Card
    LinkSys 10/100 NIC
    ZIP 250
    9.1GB IBM SCSI HD-160MB/sec
    50GB Seagate SCSI HD-80MB/sec
    80GB Maxtor Firewire HD
    2x Plextor UltraWide 40x
    2x Plextor UltraMax 40x
    Ricoh MP9120A
    Cable ISP

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    Yo man is the 12X Write 4X rewrite and 32X read that is blazing fast is it a SCSI or IDE? that is wicked man how much if u dont maind me asking?
    Abit BP6, Dual 366@550, 128MB RAM, 13.6GB WD 7200RPM ATA/66, Voodoo3 3000AGP OCed to 183Mhz

    Inventor of the PMP, Phunk Master Phreezer.

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    Hi.. which media are you using to record at
    12x ???

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    I think the 12x rated CDR's are gonna to cost a fortune...

    The standards now are 8x...

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