SETI users watch out.
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Thread: SETI users watch out.

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    Nov 1999
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    SETI users watch out.

    ok what i mean by watch out it i FINALY got my network going. in witch i have 5 comps.
    they consist of.
    and the POS p200@248
    ok now they are all runing Linux so i can make them think that there alre one comp with a fast as hell cpu. so that is 5cpu's crunchin one WO. i'll let ya know how fast my times get. this is of course if i get the os to do things they way i want it to.
    as it stands right now i'm gaining on TN. i'll pass him with in a few days.
    well i'm off.
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    I've been away for a few days, about to leave again. Use this free time to your advantage, I'll be back...
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    Nov 1999
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    Damn, my Bellatlantic infospeed was down all weekend. Couldn't crunch any WU's out to the network :-( It should be back up tonight hopefully. And I'll also zoom by TN. With my 5 PC Network :-) No weak stuff, all DIESEL machines :-)

    Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal!
    Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal!

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