I read this article at Tomshardware
and had an 500e lying around doing nothing exept waiting for an FCPGA converter or an compatible motherboard, and thoght i give it a try.
the soldering part was easy.
so i thogt, to remove one pin is maybe a little drastic whit a new and unused prosessor, and i tried to coat it whit some nailpolish,after i had done it i came home and tried the cpu(i dont have nailpolish in my home so i vent over to an friend and borowed his girlfriends) it did not work, no post. I removed the cpu and tock a loock at the pin and some of the nailpolish is scraped off. at this time i realy wanted to try the cpu so i thougt what the f**k and off whit the pin. Putting all together again and wow it post, first i thougt i go whit factory setings so i cold se how it boted in windows, and then the problems started, windows starting to boot, then blue screen and some fatal errors in gagagaga vxd or something, i hit an button and windows continuing booting, boot finished but no startupsound, where did my sound go???
controlpanel everythings sems ok, soundcard to???
reboot bluscreen again this time when shuting down hitting one button and everything went black exept that my mousepointer is showing?? tried some reboots and the same hapends everytime. maybe i need to solder on the pull-down resistors to 'RTTCTRL' and 'SLEWCTRL but the fact that i dont have the sligtest idea what an pull-down resistor is, i dont think that is an good idea
i think i gona wait til the FCPGA converter comes to Norway and hope i dont need the missing pin.
and at last an question how in H**l do you fasten an peltier and alphas in the converter card and stil get som dimm slots free.

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