Overclocking my p3 450
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Thread: Overclocking my p3 450

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    Overclocking my p3 450

    Hello, I'm trying to overclock my P3 450 SL35D on a Microstar BX 6163 pro mobo, using standard heatsink and fan. But I can't rech much over 115 in fsb before I get windows registry-faults, lock ups and such stuff.

    I have a tnt2 m64 videocard and 64 M of ram. I'm pretty sure the ram can take at least 120 fsb.

    So, could this be my tnt2-card on the agp-bus holding me back? Or is my mobo not good for overclocking? Have anyone had experience with the 6163 pro? I really want my p3 450 to run at say 600 Mhz..


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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    If you can increase the core voltage then you may make your system more stable. Do not exceed 2.3 volts maximum or you risk frying your processor.

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    Every PIII I've seen with the standard h/s runs hot even at stock speed. I would recomend a aftermarket h/s before upping the voltage. Your tnt2 should be good to 124 if your ram can take it. Other thing could be HDD - I'm too tired to figure out pci of 115 but its outta wack.
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