Is this the only hobby without a national or even a local organized chapter of enthusiasts? Got a nice car? Take your pick of nicely organized clubs that cater to every segment of automobiles. Like dogs? They got dog clubs, the AKC comes to mind. Anything you can think of is supported at least in some small way by a group of dedicated folks who want to promote even more of whatever it is they're interested in. It gives newer hobbyists with a similar interest a good starting point for finding answers or people that can help them. HardwareCentral is a wonderful place to exchange ideas and information, don't get me wrong(and pull this post). It does its intended job very well. It's not human, though. There is a vast amount of overclocking knowledge in this site, but it keeps scrolling by - much as this post will. I hate to re-type the same response over and over and over. You can count on me to ALWAYS answer the question one more time, because there must have been a time that I myself asked a question that had been asked a thousand times already. And it was most likely answered in a friendly manner by someone(Sterling Aug comes to mind) who had typed the same reply countless times before. I couldn't help it that it was my turn to ask, and neither can anyone else. Although I rambled on a bit, my point is that there needs to be some way to collect all this good information and experience that keeps scrolling by.

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