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Thread: ----- Help me OC a Celeron 366 -----

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    I guess i was lucky then i bougt 2 366īs not pretested and they do 605 in an dual enviroment

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    There are those who think, and those who dream, But I, for one, refuse to choose between the two!
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    Shifty00, you should be able to do 100mhz fsb with that mobo. Get out your manual on the mobo, and locate where the jumpers are. I too have an intel mobo, and I have tried this before (with PII300). If you set the jumpers in different positions, I forget where, you should be able to change the speed through your bios. Hoped this help, just read your manual it will help trust me that how i figured it out.
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    Hope he has PC100 SDRAM for the leap.

    cutebird I have a week 28 in my Asus P2B-F which acted the same way. Try the FDP-32 it really works. It runs 2.15v 550 now. Yours was better than mine. Mine wouldn't even boot at 550Mhz at 2.3v with stock cooling.

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    My old mb is a P2B and I'll be able to get it back in about 10 days so I'll try the 366 in it just for fun. I've not tried 2.4v yet and won't until my FEP32 arrives.

    I thought the chances of a week 28 Malaysian 366 doing 550 at 2.3v or less were more like 80%. Oh well, I might have to be satisfied with my week 31 300a at 110 FSB.

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    You might be wrong about your motherboard, are you looking on the chipset to get your settings because what you told us sounded like a chipset rather than an accual motherboard... Just an idea..

    Also, cutebird, if you have better cooling you shouldnt need to increase the voltage with that chip, isn't the spec voltage for that celleron chip 2.0v?

    This site will aid the beginner (Please contact me if you go to it)

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    I just bought a pretested celeron 366 cpu a couple days ago. Guaranteed to run 583mhz@2.0 volts with only an alpha. Paid $100 bucks for it. I was thinking about trying to screw with my local computer store. They'll refund a cpu up to 15 days after purchase. I thought about just buying 366's (about $60 bucks each) testing them until I found one that was a good overclocker and returning the lousy ones . But then I realized what a pain it would be and just ordered a pretested one. Any of you guys "pretest" your own cpu's by exchanging them until you get a good one? I think its a good idea. Expecially if I fork over x hundred dollars for a cumine. It better be a good one.


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