forcation... new word... checkout dictionary 2.o

anyways... i'm just announcing that it is a sad day when i get forced to do anything... but this time, the stakes are just too damn high...

tonite... i am downloading a 640mb iso of mandrake 7.o and i'm going to start kickin' some major $hit in SETI

i was sitting here in lab by the way, which is still going SOMEONE KILL ME PLEASE!!!! ::thwack:: ow.. anyways, i was sitting here (::whimper: and i felt the hairs on the back of my neck start to go up... so i was like wtf is this?

needless to say, i immediately jumped on the net and went to the OCN seti page... speaking of which (sorry, i keep getting distracted...) where the HELL has Skrubol been lately? did he die or something? anyways... so i saw this newcomer... some weirdo named "NiteOwl's Other Half" i was like... hmm, that's weird.. then i glanced over to the right... and promptly fell out of my chair

HOLY F*@%IN' $H!T!!!! 4 hour work units?!?!?!?!

needless to say, i scared all my students away... (they eventually came back)

but as i was originally saying... i'm gonna pull one of those venerated all niters, download the 640mb .iso and convert the sys to mandrake v7 and start kickin' some SETI action

if that doesn't work (i won't be surprised if it doesn't) i've got a new cooling rig in the mail (shipped friday) and a new mobo (i'm ordering tomorrow), so i'm gonna shoot for a hefty 4.25 X 238, or maybe a lowly 4 X 238 and start gettin' away from this madman on my heels

...end of sermon...

Shameless plug:
Athlon [email protected] (3.75 X 220), 1/2 cache, 1.85V