I am the proud owner of a overclocked 333 cel to 575 mhz.

I did this with a SY-6VBA Pro133 apollo chipet, 128 megs of PC133 memory and inceasing the core voltage by 10%. A note if you are having problems overclocking, I spent 2 days having blue screens and reboots for no reason when I switched from PC100 mhz memory to PC 133 memory. Of course, the wife comes in and starts reading the manual and stumbles across increasing the core voltage...now she is the computer expert, but I would have saved alot of time if I figured this out first. Apparently the CPU needs more juice keeping up with these settings.

And on top of this, my memory is running at a whopping 157 mhz and FSB is about 116 mhz!! Whoa....

Do I really need to get a Pentium III???