hey all..got a prob..
i have a cele500 chip sitt'n on A-bit B6-II motherboard..
the multiplier is fixed at 7.5. now the computer runs fine at 563mhz...(and i mean smooth ***)..the temp is abt 40C and the CPU voltage is sitt'n at about 2.05V (this is at 75mhz bus speed X 7.5)

now when i increase the bus speed to 83mhz and the cpu voltage to 2.3v...windows just doens't like it...on startup..last time it totally crashed..i had to reinstall everthing...yesteday when i did it again (after a full reinstall)...it said that the registery is stuffed...and wind will restart u'r computer now..and then started the 'loop'
cpu tem about 45-48C

is it because my chip can't handle it or is it because there is some prob with windows 98(SE)

any feedback greatly appreciated...