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    I finally completed my Major computer overhaul. THanks to everyone for the advice. Here is the list of all that I have done to this computer and remember that I have never even opened up the case of a computer as of about 2 weeks ago.

    Old Computer:
    Intel EX motherboard
    266 Celeron
    64 MB pc-100 ram (the computers only saving grace)
    NO graphics card
    NO sound card
    14 inch monitor
    $5 dollar mouse
    $3.00 keyboard
    2 gb Hard drive
    Win 95
    Cheap Heatsink and fan

    And NOW!!!!!
    best heatsink and fan I could buy at my local store
    Win 98
    20.5 GB IBM 7200 Harddrive
    Memorex Comfort keyboard
    Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
    19' Generic Monitor ($175 New and looks good to me)
    Creative SoundBlaster Card
    V3 2000 Card (not overclocked yet)
    64 MB pc-100 ram
    Abit BE6-2 motherboard
    433 Celeron@546 and stable as a rock (haven't tried higher)

    SO as you can see I am stoked. I managed to hit the sales and got all this for about $850 including tax. I am a happy puppy. THanks again for the help, I had that stuid question about why my monitor wouldn't plug in, duh I didn't have a graphics card. Hey I learned.


    Finally got the 600e and the Global win VOS32. Now I need some good ram...

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    Great, glad it went so well for you! When you are ready, another 64mb of ram would really boost performance and there is no easier upgrade to do!


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    If you lived here, you'd be home by now...

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