my 200th post
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Thread: my 200th post

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    my 200th post

    Hi everyone, this is my 200th post but so Ive prepared a speech. What happened to all those other members? Remember Quantax and Spatch Munkey? What happened to all of them? Anyone else remember them or any other members that have dissapeared? Wasnt that a great speech? Also this really isnt my 200th post for all you newbees. Its something like my 600th. Ive just been deleted twice.

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    Well Sexual Harassment Panda, what ever # it is, Congratulations! I'm just hoping somebody nice is sticking their winky in your ear, SWEEEET!!!!

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    And before you know you'll have 3000 posts up there!
    Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear to be bright until you hear them speak.

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