Change Voltage on Non-Softmenu Mobo
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Thread: Change Voltage on Non-Softmenu Mobo

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    Change Voltage on Non-Softmenu Mobo

    just wanted to confirm that to change the voltage to 2.2V on a non-softmenu mobo (i.e. GA-6BXE), i need to cover-up/nail-polish pins A121, A119, B119??

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    I had a gigabyte bxe and pII 333, and I read about that too..I tried it using electrical tape to see if it worked....system health went to hell, that bad sound you get with it from the system speaker and it wouldn't tell me the voltage, I don't know if I did it correctly, I think it did but yeah...for me it didn't work and enjoy scratching nail polish off your processor if it doesn't

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