What is a good cooler?
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Thread: What is a good cooler?

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    What is a good cooler?

    I have a Celeron on 366 MHz and if I set it on 458 and higher, the temperature is climing up on so hot that my computer stops,
    showing me fatal errors and so...I just want to know what tipe of cooler sholud I use? I have an ordenerry PPGA cooler and I want to know what is the difference between coolers? And 1 more thing. I don`t know the temperature of my processor because I have a Chaintech BTA3 mainboard which doesen`t have a thermometer. What should I do?

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    Get a Globalwin FDP-32 - make sure it will fit your motherboard - otherwise get FEP-32 - a little smaller footprint. @ $16 here in the states. Either way they are really good coolers.

    ". . . so much to learn . . . where to start?"
    ". . . so much to learn . . . where to start?"

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