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Thread: anybody got cheap gasoline?? wow over a buck and a half

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    Its around $1.30 here, and u Euro guys have a totally different tax system than us
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    time for another tea party eh bladerunner???...... we americans figured the uk out a loooong time ago.... hehehe..... i just cant believe that the taxes r that high... wow.....
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    Does anyone know that american gas sucks compared to the rest of the world? 87 octane?
    Wow, you cannot buy less than 95 here... anywhere, a lot of people use 98.

    And while the USA gets like 25 - 30mpg on most cars, my car (and a lot of others here) will get 75mpg...and it will do 125mph (although not at 75mpg, more like 35mpg), so its not some slow piece of junk just to get good mileage.

    Keep an overview...its not ALL tax and Bull**** (although most of it is)

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    // Black Holes are where God divided by zero //

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    What it all comes down to is the Almight Dollar. The reason prices are so high here in the U.S. is that the large oil conglomerates (ie. OPEC) decide to reduce production (reasons are a little unclear) which therefore reduces supply and raises the price because demand has remained the same. As any good economic student knows, prices are effected by supply and demand. So, with a booming economy (thanks to Reagan and Bush, NOT Clinton) we have a high demand which translates into a higher price on the supply. Remember, the gas stations only make about 2-4 cents per gallon on gas. There not out to make more money by raising the price. Thier big money items are such things as food, pop, beer, and cigarettes.

    Clinton is suppose to meet with OPEC soon, but the experts (so called) predict nothing will come about and that prices will most likely reach the $2 mark by this summer in some parts of the country (look out you Californians!).

    This really effects me because my company uses large passenger vans, which get roughly 10 miles to the gallon in the city, and maybe 13 on the highways. So with an average of 100 miles per day, at 10 miles per gallon, and $1.50 a gallon, I pay $15 a day per van! Or about $105 a week (only six days, but Saturdays are about 200 miles).

    Thank God I can take it off my taxes!

    YEOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! DAMN, THAT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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