83Mhz bus speed
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Thread: 83Mhz bus speed

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    83Mhz bus speed

    Could a bus speed of 83MHz damage my PCI/AGP/ISA and hd?? my config looks like this:
    Celery 333Mhz on ABIT BH-6 Mobo
    64MB PC100 SDRAM
    IBM 15.2 GB U-ATA66 drive
    Aztech pnp soundcard
    Micronet PCI network card
    Voodoo 3 2000@3000+(170Mhz)
    P4 1.7Ghz
    512MB RDRAM
    GeForce 3 Ti200@455/200Mhz
    80GB Seagate 7200rpm HD
    16x10x32x CDRW
    16x48x DVD ROM
    19" Screen

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    Everything looks good. The only real problem at 83 MHz is the hard drive, but you've got a good one. Most all PCI cards handle 41.5 MHz, and most AGP cards can deal with 83 MHz. Some hard drives, like older 5400 rpm Maxtors and Fujitsus will corrupt when the PCI bus goes over spec. But IBM, Western Digital, and Quantum drives are good for O/C. I ran a cheap Western Digital in an 83 MHz Celeron system (366@458) for over 9 months with no problems at all.
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    from what I understand, those IBM's are very tolerant of o/c'in, i have a fujitsu and a quantum, both o/c'd similar to that bus speed, no probs. you'll know if there's gonna be a problem cause you'll get errors.

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