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Thread: celerons

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    just wondering which is the BEST celeron chip for overclocking... and when did Intel lock the multiplier on these chips. How safe is a 366 running at say 550? am i gonna see smoke outta my case one day? lastly, what m/b do you guys recommend? please email if possible... thanks a lot...

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    The best ones are 366 and up. You can't go wrong with 400's and 433's too. People have been hitting good numbers with the Abit BE-6. Epox have a board out that seems to be more flexible than the BE6.

    Have fun

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    I have a C366 running at 525MHz (5.5 x 95) with no problems or crashes. I should point-out that I am also running Rain 1.0 and an oversized heatsink and fan. Temp. is is the mid-to-high 30's (Celcius, that is) during bouts in Unreal Tournament. Best price for performance in terms of a CPU! You can't go wrong with a Celeron!

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    The other responses are what I would agree with but about the multiplier, Intel starting locking them after the PII 266.

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