Ideas for new forums. Tell me what you think!
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Thread: Ideas for new forums. Tell me what you think!

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    Ideas for new forums. Tell me what you think!

    I have ideas for two new forums and thought I'd run them by everyone.

    1) Feedback forum

    Used for you guys to give us (HardwareCentral) feedback on forum problems, concerns, suggestion. This would also be used to give us feedback on what content you would like to see on HardwareCentral, and suggestions and problems about HardwareCentral as well.

    2) Lounge Forum

    Basically just a forum for non-technical discussion. Talk about anything, socialize with fellow forum members.

    Those are the 2 forum ideas. Feedback is welcome

    Please post feedback in this thread:


    Jeff Tseng
    Jeff Tseng

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    Hey, wait a minute, I thought this was the lounge forum where we dispense a lil bit of o/c'ing wisdom once in a full moon ... you mean I am in the wrong forum???? Damn, wait til I tell HWC Administrator and Nega-Administrator

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