Right now I'm oc my K6-2 450 to 505mhz by increasing the bus speed to 112mhz.

Aopen AX59 Pro Mobo says that it runs fine at 112mhz but my Mobo Manager says the temp (with Rain running) is 38-40 but when I run a high graphic program like quake 2 (which I do often) the temperature goes up above 55 degrees celcius. I know this is bad for the processor and I am not sure what kind of cooling I need.

I have a real good heatsink/fan although I'm not sure what the name is. It's a oversized heatsink with a fan that blows A LOT of air!

I've seen those turbine fans that go in the pci or isa slot position, do those help?

Should I put my clock speed back to 100mhz bus?

Thanks in advance


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