SOYO on Overclocking
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Thread: SOYO on Overclocking

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    Sep 1999

    SOYO on Overclocking

    Soyo even tells you how to overclock on their website. This is a first for manufacturers.
    I was looking from drivers for a machine of mine and found this.

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    Feb 2001
    I have a Soyo 6vba-133, It may not be the fastest in the world but it is one of the easiest to o/c. Lots of KOOOOL stuff to make O/Cing a breeeeeze. AGP dividers, jumper to adjust input pins B21 for PII/PIII 66/100 and input pin A14(uses B21 also) for the PIII 133, 3 DRAM clock settings to allow you to use slower SDRAM, Not to mention the boookoos of FSB's.
    Of course I am still on the porch. I just do not have the know how or the GO how to run with the BIG DAWGS. I just can't seem to hit the single digit SETI times

    Just remember no matter where you go, there you are.

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    Miami, FL, US
    POWER to the SOYOs !!

    I am waiting for UPS to drop off my SY-6BA IV
    Cel 366@500
    196MB PC133
    Voodoo3 2000 AGP

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