Help Please
I finally got my Switech mc370, so I thought I would take my Soyo vba133 and Celly 433 for a spin. My system had been running fine with the stock fan and H/S (78x6.5). It has 15 Seti WU's under its belt. The Dram clock was set for 117 and I had no problem at all. In fact I could bump the FSB to 81 setting the DRAM to 121 and it would run Seti for about 45 minutes before it would crash. However once I installed the new CPU cooler, the display would wigg out on boot up. I had seen this before on an old MAC, and it was caused by the wrong MEM being installed. I backed down the DRAM clock speed and it booted great. I have been running 2 sessions CMDline Seti now for about 20 hours with out a problem. The system while clocked at 83x6.5 (544 MHZ Idle temp 7 deg C), seems to be slower then when I had it set up at 78x6.5 DRAM 117.

Could my SDRAM be less then PC133, or did damage the ram some how? Why would it be so problematic with the new cooler??

Or could it all be in my mind??? Honest I did not inhale

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