Overclocking my k6-2 400?
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Thread: Overclocking my k6-2 400?

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    Overclocking my k6-2 400?


    Can anyone help me to overclock my K6-2 400
    to 450 Mhz.
    I've got a ASUS P5A motherboard.
    Can it be done??
    In case how?

    I've tryed but when booting, the computer
    says something like
    "cannot find in register"

    What procedure shall i do for an
    correct overclocking??

    please someone!

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    K6's don't overclock well, trust me I've been through four of them. The best you'll probably get out of this is 420 (4x105Mhz) or maybe 440 (4x110). The blue registry screen means the CPU is causing errors.

    You won't experience much difference between 400 and 450. But don't let that put you off.
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    It's true that many of the K6 series don't o'clock very well.
    However, I've had my K6-2 350 @ 450 (retail HS/Fan, no extra cooling). It ran a little hot (55° C under load) so I dropped it back to 400. At 2.2v it runs the same temp as it does at 350!
    Fact is, though, that yours may not o'clock at all. I feel I got lucky with mine. One thing you may want to try is increasing the voltage slightly (I would stay below 2.6v) and making sure that the cpu stays cool.

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