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    CPU & MB for SMP...

    Hi everybody!
    I have a BP6 and two [email protected] Celerons. I am quite happy about them, but now it's (again) upgrade time!
    I am looking for a dual system based on 500E/550E, mainly for their overclocking capabilities.
    What is your opinion? What is the best processor now for overclocking?
    What motherboard should I use?
    And what about slotkets?
    Is there any dual m/b which supports AGP 4X?

    Do you know any on-line store which sells combos like the above?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    PS: I need an upgrade, because 460 units in our HWC Seti team are not enough!

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    What are you going to do with your old BP6 and dual C366's? Let me know.

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