P2-300MHz overclocking?
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Thread: P2-300MHz overclocking?

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    P2-300MHz overclocking?

    I have a p2-300
    B80522P300512E 98190131-0300 MALAY SL2QC

    Anyone have experiences with that cpu? That's from week 19, right? Couldn't find any week19 p2-300's from overclockers.com cpu database..

    I have a crappy(?) mobo; AT Form Factor (Intel i440LX/EX) and I heard that cpu's on this mobo do not overclock at all.

    Well.. please tell me if anyone has overclocked that p2-300.

    - erso

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    You're out of luck... those don't overclock to well. Why don't you try and get your hands on a better overclocking chip and get yourself a motherboard to go with it because overclocking on an Intel motherboard is impossible.
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