I got a PIII-500e with a SOYO 6BA+4 and I now have the chip running stable at 667mhz!!
The guy I got it from said he'd guarentee that it will be stabl at 750 if I use pc-133
ram. I didn't have the dough to get the ram so I used the pc-100 (128mb) that I had. well it runs rock stable at a 133mhz bus so I get 667!! I'm sceptical about his claim of 750 though but this guy (I've bought many celery and mobo combos from him before and they all overclocked as promised. Good luck for me at computer shows!)will give me my $ back if it doesn't work! I think that since the MOBO is a BX the AGP buss speed of 100 will choke my G-400max when I try to run any Games i.e QIII. But what the hell 667! for 225 (chip) and 125 (MOBO) I'll consider myself lucky because I played QIII @1024x768 Buttery smooth. I hope all of you can have the same luck as me!!