Posting pictures?? How do u do tht?
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Thread: Posting pictures?? How do u do tht?

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    Siamese Guest

    Posting pictures?? How do u do tht?

    Hi guys just wondering how u post pics of screen shots and stuff on here??
    Please be detailed, thnx. I have an constant internet connection, if that helps.

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    You use an ubb-code. This is the syntax:
    [img]site name where the pic( hosted, and then you write [/img] in the end.

    When you post a new message there is a link to the ubb-code: codes


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    We have a forum like this one in France also based on UBB.
    We've opened an free account in multimania with a single userid/password and all members have created a directory with his own username. So, it's possible to "ftp" files from your hard-drive to multimania and use the UBB's IMG tag to insert images in topics. It's also useful to share progs/tools to the whole forum without using maillists.

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