Hi, convince your self that your CL DDR can do 100 Mhz AGP bus first. Run your FSB @ 99 so you can select the 1 AGP divider. If it runs then you know (why you can't get beyond FSB 120 with GeForce) it's not your AGP bus, but your RAM (or your vid card's ability to access your RAM). Then look in your BIOS (under chipset settings?) and change your SDRAM Leadoff from 3 to 4. That should work as I noticed the BF6 (and probably the Be6 v.2) had problems with AGP and RAM communication at FSb >124 MHz. I was over at pc133.com's techincal exchange forum and someone was running a Tyan 133 mobo with a Cumine and CL DDR and he too couldn't get past FSB 120. But I told him try this stuff out and yes, his CL DDR worked on 90 MHz AGP bus and when he changed his SDRAM leadoff from 3 to 4 his 500e ran at FSB 140 MHz.
One more thing. I noticed you said your PCI stuff doesn't like 40 MHz. I have tested this myself and I find that on the BF6 the 1/4 PCI divider doesn't actually work til you hit FSB 123 or greater (even thought you can select it at lower FSB, but it just doesn't work at 122 or lower).

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