The other day, I couldn't get my TNT2 Ultra to run at all right? hasn't been working for about 3 months because of waterdamage. Got my new 500e and plugged it in so as not to fry my warranty tnt2 nonultra. It worked, but not above 120 FSB with a 2/3 multiplier. Then today, I mounted an old p166 heatsink/fan on it and I'm up to 140 FSB, I need better cooling for my chip to go higher. The Really weird thing is that not only is it running at a 93.3 BUS, but I have it OVERCLOCKED. The memory is at 200 and the chip is at 160. I haven't even tried higher. It will run continuous loops of 3dmark 2000 without locking up.

I'll have to modify my signature now.

If it ain't broke, break it....And it just might work better.