P3-500E,clocklocked?fcpga to slot1 kits?
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Thread: P3-500E,clocklocked?fcpga to slot1 kits?

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    Shiner Guest

    P3-500E,clocklocked?fcpga to slot1 kits?

    Hi, i wanna know if the only way to overclock the p3 500E is through the FSB. Also, what are the best fcpga to slot1 converters and where can i buy them!?

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    Yes, Intel chips can only be overclocked using the FSB.

    If you're using a BX motherboard... the only slocket you can use right now is an Iwill Slocket II because of the voltage settings.
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    I use the MSI MS-6905 Master. It works great for me and my 500E.

    This was discussed in a previous topic here -FC-PGA - Iwill Slotket-II vs MSI 6905 Master

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