Overclocking with Software
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Thread: Overclocking with Software

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    Overclocking with Software

    Is anyone familiar with SoftFSB or other software methods of overclocking? I have a P2 400 that I'm dying to overclock, but I have an Intel SE440BX motherboard which automatically detects my chip and sets the clock- I can't do anything about it in BIOS. Anyway, I got SoftFSB from http://www.h-oda.com/ to overclock. I tried setting a new bus speed with every clock generator on the list that registered with no results. Help.
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    Everthing I have ever read says that you can't do anything to overclock on Intel MBs besides the pin21 trick. However this is only good for making a 66mhz chip run at 100mhz.

    I actually took my old 300A to work and am using it in a Dell Optiplex(Intel MB) running at 450mhz(was pII 350).

    Anyway, you can look on the motherboard and find the actual clock generator chip with a name similar to what's listed in softFSB, but I doubt you will find an exact matching number within SoftFSB.(I tried with several Dells at work)

    Good Luck...

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