Hi Everyone. I'm really a newbie here on o/cing and need some advice from you guys.

I just got my Athlon o/c to 700mhz by realigning the SMD resistors thru' resoldering. Everything seems to be superbly stable but the USB components. It seems that none of my USB devices are responding. They are detected upon booting up windows but stop responding thereafter.

At first, I thought I burned my mobo or something and brought it back to the retailer to test it. USB works fine with their untouched CPU!

I then tried my o/c-ed CPU on a loaned Asus K7M. USB works fine as well!

Don't know what's wrong and what to do. Please advice.

My system configuration is:

AMD Athlon 500@700 1/2L2
Biostar M7MKA bios version mka1223b AMD750 chipsets
LGS PC-133 128MB ram
Htitachi PC-100 128 ram
Matrox G400 D/H 32MB
SB Live x-gamer
Seagate 13.6G UDMA Harddisk
Logitech USB Mouseman Wheel
Altec Lansing ADA305 USB Speakers
US. Rebotics 56K Voice Faxmodem USB
Ti USB General Purpose Hub
Logitech iTouch Keyboard

Please email and post advice as well. Thanks in advance guys!