Hard drive hell
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Thread: Hard drive hell

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    Hard drive hell


    This christmas I thought I'd upgrade my old system to a celeron containing one with the idea of overclocking.

    To this end I purchase an Abit BE6-II and a 466 celeron.

    In short the processor seems very overclockble but my hard drive (which is a 1 year old 6Gb seagate) freaks out. Cunningly it allows me to start W98, but then starts eating file which look vagley important, i.e. system files leading to big crashes.

    I tried setting the bus speed to 75, 83 and as the frequency divider is unchangeably set to 1/2 also to 84 which give 1/3.

    The loss of data happen on all of the setting even the 1/3 of 84Mhz which gives only a bus speed of 28Mhz??

    My hard drive seemed to work fine with my old SS7 Mb with a bus speed of 83, although I don't what the frequency divider was set to as it never told you.

    Can any one give any advice on how to get around this and why it is still lossing data at 28Mhz?

    Please help as this has completely ruin my chrismas and I fear it will ruin the entire year (a slight exageration maybe).

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    I am not that familiar with the BE6-II, but I thought it had a 1/3 divider from 92MHz FSB and up to 110(I think) Are u sure on the 1/3 divider at 84?? I have the BP6 myself, and I thought these two boards was identical xept for the slot1 and the fact that the BE6-Ii has FSB with 1MHz from 83 to 200MHz.

    Try to up the FSB to 92MHz. Mine 466 runs 100% at 644 and works fine in any win-app at 665. This will definately give you good PCI-speeds(30-31MHz)

    CK the divider and tell me what's correct. I'll try help you out! Also ck my homepage on oc'ing the Celeron466


    Visit my homepage:

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