Is there a K6 chip worth overclocking?
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Thread: Is there a K6 chip worth overclocking?

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    Is there a K6 chip worth overclocking?

    My friend currently has a K6-2 450 and he wants to make a quick upgrade. His motherboard will handle any K6 chip and I was wondering if there is a K6 chip that is descent at overclocking? Do you think that the K6-III 500 would hit 600MHz? I don't know much about his other specs right now but I know he has a voodoo 3 AGP.
    Even if he decides to not overclock what kinda increase do you think he would see going from a K6-2 450 to a K6-III 500?

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    it is a wide known fact that the k6 chips are very hard to Over clock, but with alot of tweeking I've gotten my k6-2 450 to 560.. It took extreem amounts of cooling and endless trial and error but I mad it to the +100 club.. But the jump from a k6-2 450 to a k6-III 500 should be very nice... I cant say that the k6-III 500 would hit 600(I doubt it) but it should do 550 with out too much trouble.. The k6-III makes more heat to deal with than the k6-2 though, so that is something to take a look at.. good luck!!

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    The K6-3 500 will be much faster & should O/C alot better than a K6-2 450,its gonna be .18 micron and L3 cashe,my question is where can you get one? never seen one for sale yet,& probably a high dollar chip.maybe copper interconnects too!

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    The K6-III is a very nice upgrade from the K6-2. I am currently on a III, running spec at 450 Mgz.

    AMD has not yet announced a 500 Mgz III, but I suspect as the Athlon brings more business their way, a suppliment to the mid-line processors will be needed, in the way of III's in 500 & 550 flavors.

    The processor is a pain in the *** to oc. I finally gave-up, due to stability factors, but spec 450 is very quick, good 3D gaming platform as well as for business applications, which I use my system for each.

    I understand, however. with the right MB and a little patience, oc stability can be acheived. I just can't get ot done.

    Tell you friend for $150.00 or less, it's a good upgrade path.

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