P2-300 - Upgrade options?
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Thread: P2-300 - Upgrade options?

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    P2-300 - Upgrade options?

    Hi all

    I'm looking to possibly upgrade my aging P2-300 CPU, but I'm not sure if I should go for a Celeron or a Pentium III. Before anybody mentions it, no I am not interested in AMD or anything else that would require me to buy a new motherboard. I'm also interested in overclocking options.

    My current configuration is an Asus P2B mobo with 64MB PC100 SDRAM and 8MB 2X AGP. My primary OS is Linux, though I use Win98 for some games and such.

    Most of my PC activities include surfing the web and playing games (just downloaded Quake for Linux) with some code hacking and Office-type apps. I also tinker around with making music and audio processing.

    If I get a Celeron, it'll be cheaper, but will it mean my money was wasted on the BX board and PC100 RAM? Will it be enough? Does the full-speed cache make that much of a difference? Will there be a major difference between a 66 and a 100 FSB?


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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    I have a P3-450 running 581 MHz and a Celeron 300A running 464 MHz. You must decide how much you can spend and then get the fastest processor you can afford.

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