I wanna clock my k6/2/400 to 500.
My kit is M537dma33 vxpro+ m/b, 128m (64 dimms, 64 Simms) Conexant softk56 modem, Matrox Mystique G/C.
I can get to 450 (6x75 @ 2.5v), runs ok on most applications. But when I'm surfin it locks up after a few minutes. Tried the 83m fsb but can't even get a screen.I've tried big heatsinks, big fans and sanyo OS-CON capacitors all over the board but at the end of the ducking fay I'm stuck at a ****ty 6x66!!!
If I need a new M/B, which is the best one to go for with simm & dimm sockets.