PIII 500 & Asus P2B O/Clocking?
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Thread: PIII 500 & Asus P2B O/Clocking?

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    PIII 500 & Asus P2B O/Clocking?

    I have an Asus P2B Mobo and I am considering buying a P3 500.

    Unfortunately, my Mobo does not have the jumper to adjust the voltage as it is an early revision.

    What can I realisticly expect a 500 to clock to?

    For reference, I have a Diamond Viper TNT2 Ultra, 10Gb Seagate HD, 2 PSU fans on the side of the case, 1 blowing straight down on the CPU and the available FSB speeds for my board are 103, 112 and 133Mhz


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    I have a PIII 500. They don't o/c that well. If you know what you are doing and have good cooling, you might hit 600 to 620. If not, you will be stuck in the mid 500's. Don't expect to hit 666 or anything like that unless you have like 3.6 or faster L2 cache. Most have the 4ns L2 cache. I heard some has the 3.6 L2, but they are few and rare (and sometimes I think it is just a myth). The PIII 450 has a higher probability of having 3.3-3.6 ns L2 cache.

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