December 1st.....
It's snowing. The first snow is so beautiful. Nature gets its virginal
white shroud and our spirits rise as the darkness abates. I made my wife
and myself a hot rum toddy and we sat watching the pristine flakes
drifting slowly down and covering the trees. Truly magnificent.

December 2nd.....
I woke up and looked out of the window. The landscape was covered in the
crystal brightness of fresh snow. Breathtaking. Every tree and hedge had
it's own veil of purest white. I did the winter's first shovelling and
cherised every second of it... I did both the yard and the driveway. In
the afternoon a City vehicle came to plow the street and sacked the
driveway with a bank of snow. The driver smiled and waved. I waved him
back and shovelled the driveway clear again.

December 3rd.....
Last night we got six inches and the temperature is a couple of degrees
below. The birches in the yard broke some branches under the heavy snow.
I shovelled. And the plow came again. And I shovelled again. This time the
snow was greyish brown.

December 4th.....
It became warmer. The snow melted to slush, which froze to slippery ice
when it grew colder again. I fell on my *** on the sidewalk. 15 dollars of
clinic fee, but fortunately nothing was broken. The forecast promised
more snow.

December 5th......
It's still cold. I sold my wife's car and bought a jeep so she could get
to work. It did slide off to a parapet, though, and the fender got it
pretty bad. Last night it snowed six inches. Both cars are covered with
salt and mud. Some shovelling to do today. That fecking plow drove past
twice today.

December 6th......
Ten degrees below. More of that damned snow. There's no intact tree or
bush on the yard. Power was cut off almost the whole night. I tried to
keep the house warm with candles and a petrol burner. The damn thing
leaked, took fire, and almost burned the house down. I managed to
smother the flames with a rug just in time, but got some second degree
burns on my hands and my lashes and brows got scorched. On my way to the
clinic, I lost it on the icy road and the car was totalled.

December 7th.....
That fecking white **** keeps pouring in! You need to dress up like
goddamn Inuit just to get your mail. If I get the ******* that's driving
that fecking plow I'll tear his heart out. I bet the bastard is lurking
around the corner, just waiting for me to clean the driveway! The power
is still out. Water pipes froze, and it looks like the roof will give in soon.

December 8th.....
Feck! Five fecking inches of that fecking snow and fecking sleet and
fecking ice, and god only knows what other **** fell down last night. I
tried to get the plow driver with an icepick but the mother got away.
Wife left me. The car won't start. I think I'm maybe becoming snow-blind.
I can't move my toes. I haven't seen the sun in weeks. More snow on the
forecast. The wind makes the air biting. ****. I'm moving to Spain.

Best wishes all overclockers........BladeRunner