Celeron OC'ers.. Anyone have any ideas about this?
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Thread: Celeron OC'ers.. Anyone have any ideas about this?

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    Nov 1999

    Celeron OC'ers.. Anyone have any ideas about this?

    This is not earth shattering, just wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts
    on this..

    I have got a Celeron [email protected] .. I do not have any problems at all running
    all kinds of benches, [email protected], Prime95 etc.. I have looped 3DMark99 Max
    for hours... still no problems.. I think you get the point...

    But.... (oh yeah, here comes the but...) I happened to find by accident, when I was
    re-installing 3DMark99 Max, I get a crc error when unzipping this file.. (It is big, 19+ MB)..

    If I down-clock to 550 it un-zips O.K., which leads me to think it must be the Celly, but
    I've tried unzipping some other huge files (still at 583) and do not have the problem..

    I would be curious if some of you other OC'ers have the 3DMark 99 Max install file
    and could duplicate this problem ...

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    Oct 1999
    Minneapolis, MN
    Interesting problem. What zip program are you using? I would say its a software problem or maybe memeory problems.

    Never mind..its self-extracting. Run scan-disk and see if you have any errors. Maybe re-download the file. I would say its more likely to be any thing from pci bus speed to Winodws problems than the Celeron.
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    Nov 1999
    Thanks for the feedback.. I have really tried to find a common denominator.
    I tried different IDE cables, dif controllers (I have udma66). dif drives, cables,
    you name it.. It is really not holding me back, just wierd.. Thought I would see
    if anyone else could shed some light on the problem..

    Speaking of 'scan-disk'... I have moved gb's of data from drive to drive without any errors.. Disks always scan good...

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